The 1970 Charger Registry is a not-for-profit entity established to document every 1970 Dodge Charger possible to assist owners and enthusiasts globally. With each car registered we fill in another piece of the overall puzzle providing valuable insights and information which allows us to provide the hobby with fact based information such as our fender tag and broadcast sheet decoders. Your VIN and contact information is ALWAYS kept confidential. Registration of every car possible is important as each provides another layer of information to assist all owners globally. The Registry allows us to assist owners and enthusiasts with answers to a myriad of questions. In addition to the learnings and publication of information specific to 70 Chargers, the Registry has reunited owners with missing documentation on their car, assisted former owners locate their old Charger, connect current and previous owners to help fill in the cars history, identify potential new purchase concerns such as cars registered as previously scrapped or non-original fender tag, the notification and purchase of sequential build cars etc. Please register your current or past 70 Charger through email (, click HERE and include your Name, Location, VIN, Fender Tag information or picture, drivers door VIN decal picture, scan of your Broadcast Sheet or Dealer Window Sticker (if you have - if not we may have yours!) and anything else you want to tell us about you and your car. Pictures are always the best, so please include what you have.

**VIN's and All personal information is kept confidential**

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